Carolyn Arkison

Talented and Focused Carolyn Arkison

Carolyn Arkison

Carolyn has been working with Terrill Corley for over 32 years as his right-hand person, secretary, office manager, client advocate, and just about any other job she has been asked to do.
Carolyn Arkison

Law Office That's Focused on a Common Goal

In our office, we never say, "I work for him," rather "I work with him and the other lawyers in the office." That's the way we operate here, a team effort over these many years.
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Read a little bit more about Carolyn below, and call our office today, knowing your case has the full attention of everyone in our team at E Terrill Corley & Associates.
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Carolyn graduated from John Marshall High School in Oklahoma City at the age of 16 and attended Oklahoma State University on an academic scholarship.
She has an associate's degree in Psychology, a bachelor's and a master's degree in Business Management Science.
Carolyn's primary duties include file management, general office administration, bookkeeping, payroll, purchasing, billing, client relations, website creation and management, and the many unforeseen daily events of a legal practice. Carolyn is a multitasker and enjoys a challenge.
Carolyn has also authored and published 4 books: SADIE MAE BAIRD ... Canine Avatar; SADIE MAE BAIRD ... The Power, SADIE MAE BAIRD ... Love Is, and SADIE MAE BAIRD ... Judge Not. (Books are available on Amazon.)
Carolyn often says, "I have developed a deep and abiding respect for Terrill Corley. He is a truly caring person and is highly respected by other lawyers. He gives generously to the less fortunate and genuinely fights for the rights of each client. Terrill has always worked incredibly long hours in order to develop the client's case to the best possible level of preparedness for trial. He absolutely hates losing, so whenever he goes to the courtroom, the other side knows he is intensely equipped from beginning to end.  I simply would not have worked with someone my entire adult life without having an incredible level of esteem for that individual."
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